VDL Groep, an international industrial and manufacturing company based in the Netherlands, will begin delivering this month automated production lines for several automobile plants in the United States, including BMW and Volvo Cars in South Carolina.

The company’s production automation division, VDL Steelweld, will supply the car manufacturers with production automation that includes more than 800 robots. The project is valued at more than €100 million.

To establish a firm footing with US-based automotive manufacturers, VDL Steelweld in 2016 opened three supplier locations: Fremont, California; Detroit, Michigan; and Spartanburg, South Carolina.

VDL Steelweld expects to grow rapidly in the US.

“VDL Steelweld has been the main supplier for companies including Ford, Volvo, BMW and Jaguar Land Rover in Europe for years,” said Managing Director Peter de Vos of VDL Steelweld. “That has earned us the manufacturers’ confidence to partner with us as supplier for their factories in the US. And that experience, in turn, has put us in a position to now begin working for American customers in the United States.”

Economic ties

VDL Groep’s expansion is another example of the economic ties that exist between the Netherlands and the United States, ties that support more than 740,000 American jobs.

In fact, the US is the number one investor in the Netherlands while the Netherlands is consistently in the top five investors in the US.

The economic ties were highlight during a recent trade mission to the West Coast by a delegation of Dutch government officials and companies led by Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs Henk Kamp and HRH Prince Constantijn, StartupDelta’s Special Envoy for Startups.

The mission was designed to improve the position of Dutch companies and help them establish relationships with partners, investors and research institutions while also strengthening collaboration with American companies.

During the trade mission, representatives from more than 100 Dutch companies explored opportunities to work more closely with American partners in fields such as electric mobility.

A delegation from the mission visited the VDL office in Fremont, California.

About VDL Groep

VDL Groep, with its head office in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, is an international industrial company focused on the development, production and sales of semi-finished products, buses and coaches, other finished products, and the assembly of cars. Since its founding in 1953, this family-owned company has grown to include 90 companies, spread over 19 countries with more than 13,000 employees and an expected turnover of €3 billion in 2016.