The Holland Pavillion at CES will feature the Dutch startups in the following sectors:



Aryzon: Aryzon makes 3D augmented reality affordable for anyone, filling the extensive gap between current 2D mobile AR and immersive 3D AR.


Corpus VR: NextGen solution for precision and personalized healthcare by making it fun and (cost) effective through gamification, VR/AR, and the patient’s own imagination.


Expivi: Advanced product configuration in 3D, VR, and AR. The first 3D platform that includes e-commerce options, instant 3D renders, VR or AR showcases. Saas.


Ikonospace: A world of virtual exhibitions.




Sense Glove: Sense Glove enables touch in virtual and augmented reality. Its unique force-feedback system enables feeling the shape and density of virtual objects.


Sensiks: Sensiks is giving the idea of reality a whole new dimension with sensory reality pods: immersive mixed reality in multi-sensory pods.


seriousVR: Virtual training and performance data for operational excellence.



Tiledmedia: Stream amazing quality VR over today’s networks to today’s devices.



TreeTech: The PO!NT Controller. Bringing the gameplay of mouse and keyboard in the most modular ways possible!



INVI: Use the smell to repel — with the INVI self-defense bracelet




Primephonic: A streaming service that addresses all the pain points that classical music lovers suffer on generic streaming services.


Roader: Roader wearable time machine camera. Never miss a moment.



SwipeGuide: Visual user guides. The easiest way to create visual instructions.



Travis the Translator: Giving you the power to communicate.




Triggi: Make smart things smarter. Connect your devices, apps and services to Triggi and make them all work together.



20Face: The ultimate facial recognition technology, pushing the boundaries of accuracy and speed.


Schluss: With Schluss you, and only you, decide who know what about you on the internet.



Ahrma: Ahrma provides active sensor technology like location, temperature and shocks in transport packaging to enable full transparency in supply chains.


Count3r: A smart, data-driven app that enables retail staff to sell the way customers want to buy today.



GAIKU: Streamline your meeting flow to ensure efficiency and engagement. Collaborate on agenda items and log actions and decisions in one smart meeting tool.


Grasp: Make content count.





Scalys: Scalys Grapeboard offers a unique solution to develop the next gen in secure and high-performance communications in consumer electronics using a highly scaleable and modular program.


SenseAnywhere: Wireless sensing, monitoring and control. Anywhere!




StyleScript: StyleScript offers the NextGen in online shopping experience through personalize curation, while shielding personal user data from use for unwanted banner ads by using smart technologies like AI.



We.Stream: The first mobile WiFi hotspot with embedded cloud SIM to enable unlimited data worldwide.



Breath in Balanz: Improve every breath you take with this unique sensor and personalized training program. Better breathing is better living.



Circa: A stand-alone smart alarm that helps you sleep by removing distractions.



Incision: Sharing surgical skills.


IV Walk: A portable IV pole that stimulates mobility in hospitals with the aim to accelerate recovery of patients.



Jamzone: Stressjam, a delightful, award-winning VR game plus biofeedback to improve stress mindset for better health and more vitality. Because stress can be enhancing.


LifeSense Group: Carin – empowering women every day.


MindAffect: Opening up new dimensions of interaction.





Ninthway – Care Watch: Multifunctional alarm button that warns, reminds, guards and connects. Care Watch cares for you and watches over you.



Shleep: First of its kind app-based personalized sleep coach.



Somnox: The world’s first sleep robot to improve sleep by breathing regulation, sounds, and affection. Sleep faster, longer and wake up naturally.


Uvisio: Your personal sun protection.




Absolute Audio Labs: The ultimate music experience for people with ant form of hearing loss.


Activenoise: Noise-cancellation products for indoor and outdoor.



Samplified International: World-class speech-intelligibility improvement with hearables and wearables.



WeareFrends: Utilizing materials common to luxury goods and, for the first time ever, employing jewelery-making techniques in combination with the latest wireless and audio technology.



Hugsy: Hugsy makes the benefits of a parent’s embrace last longer to provide comfort to premature and full-term babies even when their parents cannot be nearby.



Hyko: The smart polar bear lamp for kids and parents.



Picoo: Picoo uniquely combines what kids love: interactive technology and outdoor play. Playing together has never been so much fun!



Wanderwatch: The world’s first interactive outdoor game console. Safety, health and development combined in one device. Less screen time, more outdoor play!



Batchforce: Small batches, fast delivery.


Fizyr: Deep learning for vision-guided robotics.



Athom: Homey is everything at home connected and easily controlled. Athom creates the heart of your smart home.



Chargetrip: Intelligent routing for electric mobility. Chargetrip pioneers SaaS EV routing, smart grid modelling, peak shaving and predictive mobility distribution.



Lightyear: Lightyear One is an electric car that charges itself. Drive effortlessly, electric, anywhere.


Maxem: Your smart grid at home.



Omniradar: One-chip radar as a revolutionary sensor.




Solar Monkey: Software that enables solar to become the world’s leading power supplier.


uCrowds: uCrowds offers a software engine for simulating crowds in big infrastructures, events or computer games using state-of-the-art AI/VR technologies.