State Secretary Mona Keijzer during a visit to the United States in January 2019. She will return next week to visit Washington, D.C, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. Photo: Heidi Alletzhauser

State Secretary Mona Keijzer (Economic Affairs and Climate Policy) will visit the United States January 5-11 to strengthen cooperation with American companies and help Dutch tech startups grow internationally through their cutting-edge innovations.

State Secretary Keijzer will first visit Washington, D.C. with Dutch entrepreneurs and knowledge institutions before continueing her trip with 50 Dutch startups at CES in Las Vegas, the largest global technology conference.

She will conclude her visit in Los Angeles, where the Dutch government is opening a business support office to support trade between our two nations.

Washington: Strengthen innovation collaboration

For over 400 years, the Netherlands and the US have had strong historical and economic ties and have worked closely together on innovation. On January 5 and 6, State Secretary Keijzer will meet with representatives of governments and businesses on the potential of AI, investments in innovation, and the future of digitization.

CES: 50 Dutch startups at the largest international technology fair

Counting nearly 200,000 visitors, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is the largest global technology fair. Every year, the newest technologies and the next generation of innovations are presented to the public. Earlier editions of CES showed, for example, new operating systems by Windows, electric cars, and technology advances in games.

State Secertary Keijzer will be present at the start of the exhibition on January 7 and 8 to open the Netherlands Tech Square, where 50 Dutch startups will present their products.

Under the leadership of Startup Special Envoy Prince Constantijn van Oranje of, the tech companies will make contacts with potential investors, customers, and partners. The startups are active in various sectors, including digital care, energy transition, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and technology for education.

They all represent Dutch innovation policy aimed at offering solutions to global challenges, under the theme “Future Proofing the World.”

Los Angeles: Opening a Dutch trading post

State Secretary Keijzer will conclude her visit in Los Angeles. The city enjoys economic growth and is preparing for the Olympic Games in 2028, which brings opportunities for Dutch businesses.

She will first attend a dinner with Dutch female entrepreneurs who are active in Los Angeles before meeting more Dutch startups and scaleups in the region. She will also open a Netherlands Business Support Office (NBSO) in Los Angeles, a trading post that supports Dutch businesses in the region.

The State Secretary will conclude her program with a working visit to innovative American company SpaceX.