Are you a Dutch startup looking to expand your business to the US? You’ve come to the right page!

Expanding your business to the US is different from expanding to European or Asian markets, and will bring about its own challenges. Doing business in the US can be challenging and overwhelming. The different market, legal system and business culture are some of the challenges that Dutch startups face when expanding to the US.

Dutch Tech Expansion

The Dutch Tech Expansion platform provides Dutch startups looking to enter the foreign market all the necessary information. It also showcases the interconnected and supportive Dutch ecosystem in innovation hubs around the world. We hope to break down the barriers to expansion by presenting a united and reliable one-stop shop for information.


Dutch posts across the United States have created playbooks to facilitate your US expansion. The playbooks serve as a comprehensive guide to navigating the opportunities, challenges, and housekeeping aspects to consider before making the big move to expand to the US. Beyond practical information, the playbooks are your resource to inform yourself about the key sectors in the different parts of the US.

Click on the regions for the regional US playbooks: