The documentary “Some Will Never Return” is an impressive story about the United States in World War II, told by experts and grave adopters at the American Military Cemetery Margraten (in the Netherlands).

The documentary by Dutch filmmakers Twan van Asseldonk and Eric Peeters is available to the US audience on Amazon Prime Video.

From the filmmakers:

“Some Will Never Return” is an impressive story that we want to tell to prevent the Second World War threatening to disappear in the mist of the past. An undesirable development. We need to understand that living together in peace does not happen automatically. This disaster from the 20th century should still serve a resounding warning signal for the present.

On Sunday, December 7th 1941, America is drawn into the largest military conflict in human history. With the help of Grave adopters from Limburg at the American cemetery Margraten and experts such as Maarten van Rossem, Willem Post and Mathieu Segers, we tell the story of the United States in World War II when those young boys were send to Europe. Many of them would never return. More than 8,000 young Americans are buried at Margraten in Limburg.

“Some Will Never Return” is a story of young boys who had to leave, who left everything behind that they loved, a worried mother or a wife and landed in our country. A story about America when they are accidentally involved in this disastrous conflict and from that moment on helped us to fight against and form united resistance to totalitarianism. About young boys who left a story to remember.