Kicking off each day with host Consul General Gerbert Kunst of the Netherlands Consulate General in San Francisco, talk show “Good Morning San Francisco!” will give instructions and prepare the delegation for what’s in store that day, but will also feature special guest appearances, interviews, and Q&A’s on all things e-mobility.

Opening Virtual Trade Mission

Opening the trade mission with a warm welcome are the Dutch Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Sigrid Kaag and California Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis. The opening session is the first introduction to the Dutch delegation, and will contextualize all the goals, objectives, and benefits this trade mission has to offer.

Policy dialogue: Zero Emission Vehicle Transportation

Zero emission vehicles (ZEVs) are the future of transportation and a specific area of focus on the West Coast. Commissioner Patty Monahan of the California Energy Commission and Deputy Minister Roald Lapperre of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management will introduce a sustainable, green transport policy, telling participants all they need to know to help build a climate-proof mobility future. The policy dialogue will also feature an appearance of Dutch State Secretary for Infrastructure and Water Management Stientje van Veldhoven.

Forth Webinar Series

After the cancellation of the EVS33, Forth has built its Roadmap of Portland, Oregon, into a virtual webinar format. In the Roadmap Panel Webinar Series, Forth offers five distinct seminars on different crucial EVS topics like “Consumer Engagement & EV Adoption” and “Cities Leading the Transportation Electrification Charge.” For an overview of the webinar series, consult Forth.

Social Moment

Just like any networking reception, this virtual social moment will randomly select delegation members and high officials and group them together to network. When participant log into the general video conference, they will be placed into separate, smaller break-out groups. After a while, the process will start again and participants are matched with a new delegation group to continue the connecting process.

Break-out Sessions

In collaboration with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, the Zero-Emission Vehicle Alliance, Noord-Holland, the Holland Innovation Network and Brainport, the mission presents the break-out sessions.

The session allows participants to digitally dive into their key issue of choice with top specialists in the field. Each break-out features two interactive and parallel session on key areas of focus, such as hydrogen and mobility, heavy duty batteries, and changing infrastructure challenges. Each session will be led by special guest speakers from California and the Netherlands, with other local actors jumping in.


Partnerships and collaborations drive international trade and entrepreneurship. Through the individual matchmaking process, Dutch companies are matched with relevant US counterparts and connected through video conferences in break-out rooms. Virtual and tailored networking at its best.

Swipe Left/Swipe Right

Sometimes, virtual business is just like online dating: companies want to find the best business partner in the quickest and easiest way. Swipe Left/Swipe Right allows delegation members to inspect other participants and “like” them. If it’s mutual, both parties can chat, video call, and work together in collaboration rooms. One or two sessions can be self-programmed into this block via the available online platform.

Closing and Evaluation

After a week of networking, interactive webinars, break-out sessions and sharing knowledge and innovation, its time for the mobility delegation to say their virtual goodbyes. The closing and evaluation session will establish the key takeaways of the week, ending the very first virtual trade mission of the Netherlands on a high note. After closing, the online platform will stay in use until the end of 2020, allowing participants to keep connecting, even after the mission has ended.

The full mission program

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