In easygoing and rebellious Seattle, many feel at home and so could you and your business!

In the last couple of years, Seattle has developed into a major startup and tech hub, with an economic growth of over 10 percent each year. No wonder it has become an attractive alternative for the expensive and over-competitive Silicon Valley.

This playbook gives you a head start to understand how and where to do business in this city dominated by Amazon, Starbucks, and Boeing. The stories of successful Dutch businesses show you how Seattle works and also how it doesn’t work.

As an addition to the Silicon Valley Playbook and the LA Playbook, this online magazine is your business guide to the Emerald City. The Seattle Playbook will guide you before, during and after your trip to this economic wonderland. It provides you the answers to all kinds of questions, helping you realize the dream.

Seattle Playbook July 2020