Chicken is a popular meal, and Dutch farmers produce meat of the highest quality. This is because they lead the world in terms of quality policy. IKB measures have been implemented since 2010 to reduce the use of antibiotics.

The Dutch poultry sector itself provides extra guarantees for the consistent quality and reliability of its products. The health and hygiene of products in every stage of the production chain is systematically inspected. The poultry sector has taken the initiative to implement its own controls over campylobacter on top of complying with obligatory controls over salmonella, forming part of the IKB quality plan.

This allows guarantees to be given about the consistent quality and reliability of chicken products. The Netherlands leads the world in terms of controlling salmonella, as its policy forms the foundation of the EU’s salmonella policy. In fact, the Netherlands has cut its use of veterinary antibiotics in half since 2008.