Rijkswaterstaat manages the main waterways network in the Netherlands – more than 3000 kilometres of navigable channels and rivers and more than 3500 kilometres of sea routes on the North Sea, Wadden Sea and IJsselmeer.

Rijkswaterstaat also manages almost 90 sluice complexes and more than 300 bridges. The marine traffic is controlled from ten wet traffic control centres, fourteen traffic control stations and with the aid of dozens of patrol vessels. Quick, safe and customer-oriented. The Rijkswaterstaat Shipping Centre (SVC) handles the national management of marine traffic.

All rivers, canals, streams, lakes and estuaries in the Netherlands are linked to each other, either above or below ground. Rijkswaterstaat manages the arteries of this network: the main water system, which occupies more than 90,000 km2.

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