Honorary Consul Jan van Tilburg, Los Angeles Deputy Mayor Nina Hachigian, and Consul General Dirk Janssen (from left) with the Pledge of Friendship from the Netherlands to Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Deputy Mayor Nina Hachigian received a Pledge of Friendship from Dirk Janssen, Consul General of the Netherlands for the 13 westernmost states. The pledge marks the strong relationship, the achievements, and ambitions of the friendship between the Netherlands and the City of Los Angeles.

The Netherlands is hosting a Pop-Up Consulate in Los Angeles this week to connect to businesses and government, and provide consular services to almost 200 Dutch nationals in Southern California.

If Los Angeles were a country, it would be the 16th largest economy in the world. With the 2028 Olympics on the agenda, the city is investing heavily in infrastructure and sustainability. That’s why in 2020 the  Netherlands Business Support Office opened and the Los Angeles Playbook was developed to give tips and tricks to Dutch businesses.

Consul General Dirk Janssen: “The Netherlands and Los Angeles are on the same page when it comes to sustainability, urban planning, smart mobility, and international trade. In the past years we’ve intensified our relations and this Pledge of Friendship is a sign of how strong our friendship has become. I’m looking forward to continue working together, from creating the most sustainable Olympic Games, to the redevelopment of the LA River; and from high-tech innovation on Silicon Beach to circular construction in Culver City. Dutch innovation and LA business spirit go hand in hand.”

Earlier this year, a Dutch Business Opportunity Report was developed to analyze possible collaboration the Netherlands and Los Angeles. Sustainability was highlighted as the main topic of cooperation, followed by mobility, the built environment, water, and sports. During a virtual fact-finding mission last April, a group of Dutch circular companies worked together to develop a concept for the circular city of the future, which already caught the interest of policymakers in Culver City.

Consul General Janssen: “This Pop-Up Consulate comes at an important moment. During the pandemic we were able to invest in our relations with Los Angeles virtually, and now we can finally meet them in real life and see the sites where the Netherlands and LA can work together. We’re both invested in creating a circular economy, and exchanging our experiences and expertise is a valuable contribution toward creating a sustainable world. By being here, we reconfirm the strong bond between the Netherlands and LA.”

The Pop-Up Consulate takes place June 14-16. The consular department will renew almost 200 passports, thus providing flexible consular services to Dutch nationals who don’t live close to the consulate in San Francisco. The economic departments will connect with businesses, organizations and government, and will meet with representatives of the LA coliseum, Sheltersuit, Culver City, Getty Museum and many more.

For more information, please contact Mr. Sietze Vermeulen of the Consulate General of the Netherlands in San Francisco: +1 415-866-5571, sietze.vermeulen@minbuza.nl.