In the space of just a few weeks, daily lives have changed drastically in the United States and in the Netherlands as a result of the coronavirus.

Though physically closed, the Consulate General in San Francisco continues to support Dutch citizens and connect businesses online through the following services:

  • Webinars: We offer a series of webinars on relevant topics such as: doing business during the COVID-19 crisis, pitch training, doing business in LA, and more. See below for an overview of upcoming webinars and to rewatch previous editions.
  • WhatsApp: A new WhatsApp account for entrepreneurs and companies (+1-415-4201-469) by which we can give on-demand tailor made advice on topics that are important to them.
  • Online meetings: We are available to meet with Dutch and American companies via on demand videoconferencing. Please email us for an appointment.
  • Online help desk: The economic department has an extensive overview into the economic support plans of the various states on the West Coast, In this newsletter you can find a summary of these measures.
  • Communications: To stay in touch we continue to connect through social media and newsletters.
  • Virtual Trade Mission: We are starting up our first digital trade missions to the West Coast and fact-finding trips to the Netherlands, giving entrepreneurs the full learning and networking experience, without having to get on a plane or fight the jetlag.
  • Online Mentoring: Holland in the Valley is expanded with an online interactive matchmaking platform where mentors will coach selected Dutch startups. Access is for selected companies only.
  • Digital Founders Academy: This Holland in the Valley platform will also provide interactive learning tools, becoming the HV Digital Founders Academy, and create a curriculum for entrepreneurs to master the difficult task of running their business.
  • Online matchmaking: Through the HV platform, students in the Internships in the Valley program will be matched with companies for virtual and real life internships. The platform tracks their progress while also forming an online community for the interns.
  • Consular Services: Our consular services will continue to be provided through our consular department and the 24/7 Contact Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

In April, the NL eConsulate in San Francisco began organizing interactive webinars on relevant topics. Participants can learn from experts and ask questions about their personal situation. Below you find more information on the upcoming webinars, and you can rewatch the previous editions.

For questions, please email us.

Previous webinars

COVID-19 Implications on Trade and Markets: Government Measures & Support on the West Coast. With speakers Max Oltersdorf (California Governor’s Office, GoBiz); Jan Joosten (Baker McKenzie); Arjan de Raaf (IDENRI); Gerbert Kunst (Consul General). Watch the video of the webinar.

How to Present Yourself Online: 7 Tools to Help You Nail it in an Online Meeting. With renowned pitch coach David Becket and startup liaison Michael Dooijes. Watch the video of the webinar.

NL Business in LA during COVID-19: Examples on How to Transform your Business. With speakers Sacha van der Most (HUP); Marieke Oudejans (Holland Hollywood Connection); Jeff Keasberry (NAF SoCal); Peter Post (NBSO LA). Watch the video of the webinar.

Climate Smart Agriculture: Dairy Methane Reduction Technologies in California, Denmark, Netherlands
Speakers: Chris Voell (Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs); Dr. Geetika Joshi (California Department of Food and Agriculture); Leo Oprel (Netherlands Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality); Claus Mortensen (Agro Business Park); Kees de Koning (Dairy Campus Wageningen University). Watch the video of the webinar.

Internships in the Valley: Impact of COVID-19 for Interns and Talent Partners
Speakers: Eva Janssen – (Internships in the Valley, Vrije Universiteit); Casper Vroemen (Dupont); Maartje Bus (Holland in the Valley Talent Committee); Deborah van den Brande (Consulate General in San Francisco). Watch the video of the webinar.

Urban Planning and Transportation: Best practices in California and the Netherlands
Speakers: Paul Supawanich (City of San Francisco); Lucas van der linde (Goudappel); Allison Arieff (SPUR); Jan Top (Consulate General in San Francisco). Watch the video of the webinar.

Champions in water retainment: Perspectives from CA and NL on groundwater management
With speakers Steven Springhorn and Kris Jones (State of California); Roelof Stuurman and Kathryn Roscoe (Deltares). Watch the video of the webinar on YouTube.

Pandemics & Pivots: a Silicon Valley approach to the New Reality
With speakers Paul Kallmes (Whitespace X); Jock Breitwieser (StorageCraft); and Michael Dooijes (startup liaison, Consulate General of the Netherlands in San Francisco). Watch the video of the webinar.

Anne Frank: A History for Today | Students Become Teachers from Alaska to New Mexico
Speakers: Students & Teachers; Aaron Peterer & Morgan McCaskill Bailey (Anne Frank House); Maya Soetoro (University of Hawaii – video); Ilana Cone Kennedy (Seattle Holocaust Center – video); Gerbert Kunst (Consul General of the Netherlands). Watch the video of the webinar on YouTube.

LA on the Move – Connecting People through Smart Mobility
Speakers: Lukas van der Kroft (Smart Mobility Embassy); Michiel Strijland (APPM); Peter Wijsman (Arcadis); and Jan Top (Consulate General of the Netherlands in San Francisco). Watch the video of the webinar on YouTube.

Virtual Trade Mission
The first Dutch digital trade mission took place June 15-19 on the topic of smart and e-mobility. We’ll continue to organize virtual trade missions and fact-finding trips to the Netherlands, giving entrepreneurs the full learning and networking experience, without having to get on a plane or fight the jetlag.

Building the Transatlantic Rainbow: LGBTQ+ Advocacy in the EU and the US
With speakers: Maria Walsh, Member of the European Parliament representing the Midlands-Northwest constituency in Ireland; Boris Dittrich, Dutch Senator and former Advocacy Director, LGBT Rights Program, Human Rights Watch; Scott Wiener, California State Senator, representing San Francisco and northern San Mateo County, Chair of the California State LGBTQ+ Caucus; Dustin Gardiner of the San Francisco Chronicle is moderator. Video of webinar coming soon.

Launch Seattle Playbook: How to do Business in Seattle and Washington State. Speakers: Arean van Veelen (OfferUp), Martijn van Tilburg (10.000ft), Maaike Doyer (Business Models Inc), Michael Dooijes (startup liaison NLinSF), Anisa Khoshbakhtian (City of Seattle), Gerbert Kunst (Consul General). Video of webinar coming soon.