Businesses, government agencies, and organizations from the US and the Netherlands will make the virtual journey to Silicon Valley June 15-19 to attend the first Dutch virtual mission on smart and e-mobility. Sigrid Kaag, the Dutch Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, will attend, together with California Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis and over 100 international businesses.

COVID-19 is impacting transportation and mobility around the world. Now more than ever, the world is looking at innovative ways of mobility and transportation. This virtual trade mission is designed to connect the US West Coast and the Netherlands on the future of mobility, while travel is not possible.

In online sessions and through a digital interactive platform, participants will meet experts, expand their network, and discuss the future of e-mobility in a new world, all from the comfort of their own home.

Virtual mission

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The Netherlands: A frontrunner in mobility and urban planning

The Dutch are world-famous for their bikes, but the Netherlands has a much broader approach to innovative transport and mobility. From sustainable electric vehicles to self-driving buses, the Dutch are on the frontlines. Photo: Amsterdam Toerisme & Congres Bureau (ATCB)

The Netherlands is a leader in smart and e-mobility. Through determination and years of experience in building and maintaining unique infrastructures, the Dutch are stimulating sustainability, efficiency, and safety on the go

Our innovative and open mindset allows us to tackle the world’s toughest transport challenges. There is a willingness on all levels of society to improve e-mobility, and California, with its Silicon Valley innovation, is an important partner in the exchange of knowledge and inventive thinking.

Smart Dutch solutions ensure a cleaner future and world of transportation, while also leading the way for the re-design of infrastructures in a post-pandemic world.

You can watch videos of the sessions below on our YouTube channel.