Sigrid Kaag is the minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation of the Netherlands. Photo: Arenda Oomen

Sigrid Kaag, minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation of the Netherlands, will visit Silicon Valley next week. She brings along a delegation of 20 Dutch companies and institutions with expertise in artificial intelligence, blockchain, and robotics.

These sectors are the future of automation and deliver digital innovations for sustainable economic growth. HRH Prince Constantijn van Oranje, Special StartupDelta Envoy, and Henne Schuwer, Ambassador of the Netherlands to the United States, will join the delegation as they visit San Francisco, Berkeley, and Silicon Valley, March 25-26.

“This innovation mission to California connects some of the most successful Dutch businesses in blockchain, AI and robotics to the heart of Silicon Valley,” said Minister Kaag. “Silicon Valley and the Netherlands are two of the most innovative partners in the world. Silicon Valley has a pioneering mentality, high concentration of talent, and favorable investment climate. In this light, the Netherlands makes a worthy partner as the world’s second most innovative economy.”

Building partnerships

Trade with the Netherlands contributes to almost 80,000 jobs in California and strengthens the economic ties between Silicon Valley and the Netherlands.

Gerbert Kunst, Consul General in San Francisco, sees many opportunities for the participating companies to exchange knowledge and build partnerships with Silicon Valley: “Dutch innovations have improved our quality of life and saved time and money. Dutch technology brings solutions to the global challenges we face. Especially in the field of automation, AI and blockchain. And that’s a good match with Silicon Valley, where innovation and global challenges go hand in hand. The Consulate General in San Francisco builds that bridge between the Netherlands and Silicon Valley.”

Highlights of her program include:

  • Meeting with Eleni Kounalakis, Lieutenant Governor of California
  • Event on Inclusive Global Trade with the World Economic Forum
  • Visits to Adyen, Palo Alto Networks and ASML
  • Launch of the Holland in the Valley Network

Some of the companies participating in the visit include: Dutch Blockchain Coalition, IBM Netherlands, Port of Rotterdam, Robovalley and the Universities of Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Twente and Rotterdam. After her visit to Silicon Valley, the minister will travel to Atlanta, where she will open a 5th consulate of the Netherlands in the United States.

Members of the press are invited to attend the launch of Holland in the Valley and the Inclusive Global Trade event. Please contact Sietze Vermeulen, press officer at the Consulate General of the Netherlands in San Francisco at (+1) 415-866-5572.