The Consulate General of the Netherlands in Chicago has prepared a Midwest Playbook to provide a comprehensive overview of the opportunities the Midwest can offer Dutch startups and scale-ups.

It touches on booming sectors across multiple cities and regions in the Midwest, and highlights the Midwest’s unique selling points. This playbook will be your go-to guide when you are interested in expanding your business.

Midwest Playbook January 2020

The consulate has also prepared several brochures and fliers homing in on the automotive, health, and agrifood sectors in the Midwest. These publications (below) provide Dutch startups and scale-ups with a quick, detailed glance at these sectors.

You can also explore the opportunities on the consulate’s interactive map and data platform on Tableau.

Automotive Brochure

Automotive Flier

Health Brochure

Health Flier

Agri&Food Brochure

Agri&Food Flier

Dairy brochure