The winners of the Netherlands Academic Startup Competition with Mona Keijzer, State Secretary for Economic Affairs and Climate Policy (center) and US Ambassador to the Netherlands Pete Hoekstra (left).

Ten companies won the opportunity to participate in the Holland in the Valley Startup Program:

Amphera BV

Amphera B.V., an advanced-clinical-stage biotechnology company, develops dendritic cell therapies for the treatment of cancer. Our lead indication is mesothelioma, a cancer of the lining of the lungs. MesoPher is autologous dendritic cells loaded with our proprietary allogeneic tumor cell lysate PheraLys. PheraLys is a well-characterized, innovative source of a broad repertoire of tumor-associated antigens. Several clinical studies with our lead product candidate MesoPher are ongoing.


Today no adequate joint preserving treatment is available for patients with severe knee osteoarthritis below the age of 65. ArthroSave provides a medical device for a joint saving surgical treatment (knee joint distraction) for relatively young patients with painful knee joint damage (osteoarthritis).  ArthroSave provides the KneeReviver to enable knee joint distraction as an innovative treatment, which has been proven by scientific evidence. The total knee replacement will be postponed for several years and complex revision surgery can be prevented. The patient keeps its own knee and healthcare costs will be reduced.

Cardiac Booster

CardiacBooster develops an effective, low profile cardiac assist device. The envisioned product concept is a catheter-based device which supports the heart’s pump action inside the left ventricle in sync with the cardiac rhythm. The principle of the device is to act as a heart within the heart. This concept is expected to support heart function by augmenting the stroke volume, thereby helping to maintain and restore the natural pulsatile circulatory flow pattern. This way the device prevents a downward spiral, where more and more parts of the heart decease. CardiacBooster is a spin-off of the Radboudumc, department of Cardiothoracic Surgery. aims to change the microscopy industry with a microscope upgrade module based on the re-scan invention. The re-scan upgrade module of turns any wide-field microscope into a re-scan confocal microscope with 40% improved resolution and increased sensitivity as compared to conventional confocal systems. Re-scan confocal microscope is an affordable confocal imaging system delivering state-of-the-art imaging quality: an ideal solution for small labs with limited budget, but demanding tasks and an excellent add-on for imaging facilities to increase the imaging capacity. The system is available in visible and infra-red spectrum.


Findest is an artificial intelligence company developing the perfect technology scouting software for research & development. To train IGOR^AI, Findest delivers a superfast technology scouting service in which human- and artificial intelligence are combined to find technologies for R&D-challenges.

Kepler Vision Technologies

Kepler Vision Technologies develops the Artificial Intelligence that looks after the well-being of humans.

LipoCoat BV

LipoCoat mission is to improve the comfort, safety and performance of medical devices by the use of its bio-inspired surface coating that improves wetting and lubricity, reduces fouling of proteins and bacteria, regenerates and can be tailored to application needs. LipoCoat’s proprietary coating technology can be used for medical devices and industrial applications and is easily integrated in device manufacturing without the need for curing or polymerization. The first coating products for contact lenses are scheduled for launch in Europe in Q1 2020. LipoCoat is ISO13485 certified and acts as a development partner and manufacturers the tailored LipoCoat coating solutions.

Mosa Meat

Mosa Meat lets you enjoy eating meat, without the downsides. We produce genuine meat, so not a substitute or alternative. It’s healthier, super sustainable, and slaughter-free. We grow it naturally from cells (non-GMO), by recreating the same conditions as in animals. Our team produced the first cell-based hamburger ever in 2013, which famously cost $330,000 to produce (with financial backing from Sergey Brin). After years of scientific optimization, we’re now preparing to build the first production facility and make our product commercially available in 2021.


STENTiT aims to restore diseased arteries using regenerative stents. These unique fibrillated devices provide instant support to the lesion, while triggering a natural healing response using the patient’s own circulating blood cells, to reconstruct a new artery and improve long-term clinical outcomes.


VSPARTICLE develops and sells tools to synthesize, filter and deposit nanoparticles of metals and semiconductors for various applications. The company (19FTE) is a spin-off of the Delft University of Technology, and build a strong direct and indirect distribution network in the US, EU and Asia. The patented technology enables researchers to make nanoparticles of specific sizes between 0-20nm in a reproducible way, for example used in next generation batteries, supercapacitors, catalysts, gas sensors, bio-medical sensors and other products. VSPARTICLE has raised several millions of euros in seed capital, competition prizes and subsidies, and is on target to become cash flow positive in Q4 2019.