The Netherlands has a considerable track record of coastal safety and sustainable development in coastal zones. The Dutch combine world-class technology with solutions that meet social and environmental needs. Photo: © Rijkswaterstaat/Joop van Houdt

Businesses, organizations and governments from all over the world will come to San Francisco September 12-14 for the Global Climate Action Summit. Stientje van Veldhoven, the Netherlands’ State Secretary for Infrastructure and Water Management, will attend, together with the mayor of Rotterdam, the CEO of the Port of Rotterdam, and some 50 Dutch businesses.

The Netherlands: A leader in climate action

The Netherlands is a leader on climate action. We believe fighting climate change and profitable business go hand in hand.

Our innovative approach brings smart solutions to global challenges like climate change. By creating a circular economy, we are able to bring down CO2 emissions drastically, while building a strong and green economy.

We are experts in water management and help communities world wide find local solutions for sea-level rise. The Netherlands is world leader on green and smart mobility, and we work closely with California on innovation and knowledge exchange.

Visit our exposition Clean Revolution Dutch Sustainable Design, in the Westfield San Francisco Centre, on September 13 and 14.


The Consulate General in San Francisco is organizing many affiliated events, focusing on three topics: circular economy, resiliency, and mobility. If you want to attend one of these events, please email us at

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Read the press release about the event, and learn more about the participating companies.