The Delta Flume wave making machine is a 300 meters long, 5 meters wide and 9 meters deep canal in Delft. The test facility, the world’s largest, simulates waves up to 4 meters (13 feet) and can be used to research how willow trees can break waves as a flood defense tool. Photo: Deltares/Marco de Swart

One-third of the Netherlands is below sea level. The innovative Dutch approach of soft and hard measures makes the Netherlands the safest Delta to live on Earth.

In the last 800 years, the Dutch succeeded in finding innovative solutions to water-related problems that threaten communities, economic capital, and quality of life. A series of measures help keep Dutch cities safe and attractive, including multi-functional levees, flood-resilient buildings, and green infrastructure.

The Dutch believe the work is never done. The Netherlands needs to keep preparing to be safe from water problems, not just now, but in the centuries ahead. Dutch companies and experts are partnering with American companies to find ways to make coastal regions in states like New York, New Jersey, Florida and Connecticut safer.

The Netherlands and American regions at risk of floods and storm surge actively exchange expertise on how to properly manage water for protection, taking into account the impact of a changing climate.

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