A public charging station in the Netherlands for an electric car. Photo: Gemeente Amsterdam

As one of the most densely populated countries in the world, the Netherlands has to be smart with its infrastructure. The government is looking at new technologies to solve challenges in the area of transport, the environment and safety.

The Dutch are investing heavily in electric vehicles to move away from fossil fuels and investing in self-driving cars. The S4C Smart e-Mobility Program between the Netherlands and California brings together experts and businesses.

The Dutch government is working together with the private sector to develop self-driving vehicles, and to improve in-car traffic information for drivers. The Netherlands is a unique testing ground for Smart Mobility solutions.

That’s why the government is supporting their development in many ways, from providing testing facilities to adjusting rules and regulations. The aim is to make smart mobility possible on a larger scale. In the Netherlands, businesses, knowledge institutions and government are working on this together.

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