Fifty Dutch startups are attending the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week. Photo: Shaun Bruscher

By Floris van der Laan & Sietze Vermeulen
Consulate General of the Netherlands in San Francisco

When you were a child, 2020 seemed like the distant future. Cars would fly. We’d have robots in our homes. And we would travel across the Atlantic in an hour.

But as we enter the second week of 2020, we must conclude that life is still pretty ordinary.

Yet this week in Las Vegas, it feels as if the future is here. At the Consumer Electronics Show, Sin City turns into the technology capital of the world as 4,500 companies introduce their latest products and gadgets to the marketplace. It was here that Dutch company Philips presented the first-ever home VCR and the Commodore 64 computer was launched.

Fifty Dutch startups will present their latest inventions in the Netherlands Tech Square. They promise to future-proof the world by finding smart solutions to global challenges.

Take Tech Square participant Kibet Kipkemo from LoCoMoGo, who is looking forward to showing how their product is future-proofing the world of education. “LoCoMoGo is on the journey to provide every child with the opportunity to learn coding, but above all to provide them with fun,” said Kibet. “What better way to future-proof the world, than by future-proofing the next generation(s)?”

During CES, tech companies take center stage, and startups seize their opportunities to prove why their state-of-the-art technologies will make a futuristic impact. This makes CES the ideal proving ground to present next-generation Dutch innovations and future-proofing products to tech-savvy consumers and businesses.

The Dutch startups present at CES are the world’s most promising tech pioneers, showcasing their ingenuity on a global stage. From HealthTech to virtual reality, vehicle technology, and robotics, the startups from the Netherlands demonstrate more than just their inventive spirit. They demonstrate how the Netherlands is future-proofing the world, one Dutch solution at a time.

Mona Keijzer, State Secretary for Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, speaks at the opening of the Consumer Electronics Show. Photo: Shaun Bruscher

“With their smart products and services, Dutch entrepreneurs contribute to solving major global issues, such as healthcare, food scarcity, and achieving the energy transition,” said Mona Keijzer, State Secretary for Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, who is visiting CES 2020. “My role is to create global awareness for the innovations of Dutch startups. CES serves as the perfect platform, as 50 Dutch startups will showcase their latest innovations. The government is therefore supporting them to gather knowledge, raise capital, and find new partners in the United States; a market that offers great opportunities.”

CES has a major impact on participating startups, in part because many of them are positioning their product internationally for the first time. They build connections and sometimes sign business contracts.

Horst Fietje of XYZ Dynamics hopes to connect with as many relevant people as possible. “To successfully implement our sustainable mobility solution, we seek to partner up with large OEMs to serve the aftermarket needs of their customer vehicle fleets. Next to that, marketing partners can help us deploy our solution in various areas within and outside Europe.”

“At CES, we hope to spread the word about our innovation and to meet potential business partners for future growth,” said Amit Jaura of Heatbox, the first self-heating lunchbox. “We strive for ‘Freedom of Food,’ where we will enable consumers to have a hot meal anywhere, anytime.”

Dutch startup Lightyear at CES. Photo: Shaun Bruscher

At the opening this year’s Netherlands Tech Square, a successful Tech-Square alumnus that is disrupting the automotive industry will be back: Lightyear. The world’s first self-charging solar car showcases the future of e-mobility, and has been named one of the best inventions of 2019 by Time Magazine.

“The Netherlands Tech Square showcases the innovative mindset of the Dutch,” said Gerbert Kunst, Consul General of the Netherlands in San Francisco. “These 50 Dutch startups spearhead how the Netherlands is future-proofing the world, they are the disrupters and stars of societal change. Among the presence of tech giants, the 50 Dutch startups stand out as innovators who are making an impact to tackle global challenges. We want them to succeed internationally and CES is an important stepping stone for them, just as is the NL Growth Labs that the Consulate General will start this year. This custom-made incubator program in Silicon Valley gives Dutch startups in different stages of growth the chance to build a network and scale in the US.”

“Every startup has something unique to offer,” said Julia Sleger of Meatable. “CES is the best stage to introduce and persuade future customers of the value of our efficiently and sustainably produced real and delicious meat.”

The Netherlands Tech Square at CES will mesmerize Las Vegas with its innovative tech that has significant societal impact.

Now that 2050 is the distant future, what products from CES2020 will have become the norm? Will all our kids learn how to code, and will mobility become truly sustainable? Visit the pioneers of the Dutch startup ecosystem, and future-proof the world with us!

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