On November 16, the Consulate General in San Francisco will hand out the first Holland in the Valley Award to a Dutch startup. This award celebrates a startup that distinguishes itself in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship, and has successfully moved to the West Coast.

The recently launched Holland in the Valley network connects the Netherlands with American partners throughout the Bay Area. Government, businesses, and universities cooperate with one another so Dutch talent can kick-start their career in Silicon Valley and stimulate innovation and personal growth.

The nominees are paragons of Dutch entrepreneurship and innovation on the West Coast. They are examples for other innovative Dutch entrepreneurs who are thinking about crossing the Atlantic. The jury consists out of successful Dutch entrepreneurs in the United States who have earned their stripes. The sustainably produced award will be handed out by Consul General Gerbert Kunst during The Netherland-America Foundation Gala on Dutch-American Heritage Day in Los Angeles.

“The Netherlands is a true innovation nation with an entrepreneurial mindset,” said Consul General Kunst. “That’s why Dutch companies fit in very well in the United States. I’m proud to award one of them with the Holland in the Valley award for innovation and entrepreneurship. Not only are these nominees an excellent example of Dutch innovation and business-mindset, they’re also an inspiration for other young Dutch entrepreneurs that dream of making their next step to the US West Coast.”

The nominees are:

  • Tony Martens of Plantible Foods: Developed an innovative and sustainable plant-based protein so you can produce eggs from plants.
  • Chris van den Berg of FarmBX/Farmtrace.com: Their first-of-its-kind next-generation farm data analytics platform measures, analyzes, and improves every step in the food-value chain.
  • Claudia Heika Bom of Oya Card: Oya’s mission is to connect the 11 million businesses led by women, conscious consumers, and ambassadors.
  • Pieter Doevendans of Ava: A 24/7 personal mobile app that connects the deaf and hearing communities by captioning what people around you are saying.