An estimated 955,000 American jobs were supported by American trade and investment relations with the Netherlands in 2021.

This number consists of two parts: direct jobs at Dutch enterprises active in the United States and jobs supported by the export of goods and services to the Netherlands.

The US Bureau of Economic Analysis calculated that 569,300 direct jobs were the result of Dutch enterprises active in the United States in 2020, which is the most recent data available.

According to the US International Trade Administration, every $1 billion of goods exported supports 4,908.5 US jobs while every $1 billion of services exports supports 5,257.3 US jobs, as is shown in the second bar graph on the right.

With total goods exports of $53.1 billion and total services exports of $23.8 billion to the Netherlands in 2021, calculation yields 385,821 supported jobs due to exports to the Netherlands. Adding both numbers yields 955,121 jobs in 2021.

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