The economic ties between the Netherlands and the US keep growing stronger, a new analysis by the Royal Netherlands Embassy reveals, and support an estimated 740,000 American jobs.

Dutch companies increased their direct investment in the American economy to $305 billion in 2014, up from $261 billion the prior year. In the same period, American companies grew their investment in the Netherlands to $753 billion, up from $717 billion the previous year.

The 400 year-old economic relationship between the Netherlands and the US, supported 740,000 American jobs in 2013, as most recent data shows. The Netherlands is a fixture in the top 5 of the largest foreign investors in the US, and maintains its place as the No. 1 destination for American investments abroad.

Texas is again the strongest economic partner of the Netherlands among the 50 states. The state leads the nation with 86,000 jobs supported by Dutch-US trade and investment in 2013. It was also the biggest exporter to the Netherlands, sending $6.8 billion in goods and services across the ocean in 2015.

California came in second with 66,000 jobs supported by Dutch-American economic ties (2013) and $5.6 billion exports to the Netherlands (2015). Readers can navigate the interactive map to see the Dutch economic footprint in every American state and virtually every sector.

“The Netherlands and the United States are longstanding allies in international affairs and culture. This relationship extends to our economic ties and illustrates the vitality of the partnership between our two nations,” said Henne Schuwer, the Dutch Ambassador to the United States.

“This report proves that the relationship between the Netherlands and the United States is productive. Be it on the West Coast, in the South, the heartland, or the East Coast, the Dutch imprint in the United States is undeniable. 740,000 jobs are not just stats, but people working in every state,” said Remco Zeeuw, Minister of the Economic Department of the Royal Netherlands Embassy.

The economic ties report also shows a sizable number of Americans who are of Dutch descent. More than 4.95 million Americans have Dutch ancestors, with the largest populations of Dutch-Americans living in Michigan, California and New York.