Ambassador André Haspels participates in a digital meeting.

In the space of just a few weeks, daily lives have changed drastically in the United States and in the Netherlands in response to COVID-19.

Businesses in the US and the Netherlands have also been hit hard by the economic consequences of the corona crisis. Entrepreneurs are having a hard time, and people are losing their jobs and looking ahead at maybe even more challenging times.

“Though most of our staff in the diplomatic network is working from home, we remain active and connected through our efforts in digital diplomacy through the United States,” said Ambassador André Haspels. “We’re participating in webinars, staying active on our social media channels, and remain prepared to help Dutch citizens handle their consular matters. We are at your service throughout the United States and look forward to one day working with you again in person.”

To help businesses confront the challenges of the crisis, the Dutch diplomatic network is organizing virtual events and webinars and is available to answer your questions. Learn more by clicking one of the buttons below or click here to read more about the coronavirus in the Netherlands.