Discovery | Jan 22, 2016

Quick and safe in the Dutch waters

Rijkswaterstaat manages the main waterways network in the Netherlands – more than 3000 kilometres of navig ...
Discovery | Jan 22, 2016

Greater New Orleans Urban Water Plan

Greater New Orleans, Inc. and the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Washington, D.C. developed the Greater New Orle ...
Discovery | Jan 22, 2016

America’s Ally in Water Management

The Dutch-U.S. alliance helps safeguard both countries from water-related crises, including floods and coastal ...
Discovery | Jan 22, 2016

Room for the River

Room for the River is a program to give the river more room to manage higher water levels. At more than 30 loc ...
Discovery | Dec 21, 2015

Solutions for a Changing World

The world is full of challenges related to water management. Many people live in low-lying communities and de ...
Discovery | Dec 21, 2015

Made in Holland: Water Technology

The Dutch enjoy the taste of their tap water, and it doesn’t make anyone ill. It’s just pure water – wit ...