The internet has changed our lives. It changed how we do business, and it has made life easier and faster. But it also brings new security challenges. Worldwide, more than $350 billion is lost annually to cybercrime incidents, $10 billion in the Netherlands alone. Cybersecurity is key in a safe and prosperous world.

The Netherlands is the digital gateway to Europe and a European frontrunner in cybersecurity, with first-class digital infrastructure. From April 16-20, a Cybersecurity Innovation Mission will bring 13 of the brightest Dutch businesses and organizations in cybersecurity to the RSA conference and Silicon Valley.

As the third most innovative country in Europe, the Netherlands is continuously starting research initiatives and public-private partnerships within the field of cybersecurity – both in Europe and overseas.

The heart of Europe’s digital economy

In the Netherlands, 93% of all households are connected to the internet, 80% of banking is conducted online, and the ecommerce market is the fourth largest in the EU. Additionally, the Netherlands hosts direct internet cables between the US and Europe, is a top 10 exporter of ICT, and is home to 170 data centers, including those belonging to Microsoft to Google. International cybersecurity companies, such as RedSox and FoxIT, originate in the Netherlands, and the country also houses the largest data-transport hub in the world – the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX).

No wonder cybersecurity is ingrained in the country’s security and economic policies. The Netherlands believes the internet and its underlying infrastructures should be secure, resilient, and readily available. To achieve this goal, industry, government and universities work together in public-private partnerships for an integrated approach.

The Hague Security Delta is a great example of this collaboration. This is a unique public-private partnership, launched as the national innovation center of the Netherlands and a leading security cluster in Europe. Creating products and services to combat global challenges, such as organized crime and terrorism, HSD is set to enhance The Hague’s status as the international city of peace and justice.

Cybersecurity innovation mission – April 16-20, 2018

From April 16-20, a Cyber Innovation Mission will bring 13 of the brightest Dutch businesses and organizations in cyber security to the RSA conference and Silicon Valley. They will meet with American and international companies to explore future partnerships and share experiences and ambitions on tackling global cyber security challenges.

Participating companies & research institutes

The delegation ranges from representatives of small- and medium-sized enterprises to bigger companies such as Philips, as well as Cyber Security Professor Bibi van den Berg and the city of The Hague. Working toward a more cyber-resilient world, the following participants will participate in the innovation mission:

Arthur’s Legal B.V. – A next level law firm, specializing in client-tailored, tier-one legal services for corporations and professionals; areas of expertise include high tech, IT, cloud computing, (petro) chemical, pharma & bio tech, clean tech & and energy, internet, IoT.

Cisco – An international industry leader with its European HQ in Amsterdam; an IT and networking company, with a comprehensive portfolio of security technologies to provide advanced threat protection.

Cybersprint B.V. – An innovative startup that protects organizations by keeping them up to date about the current cyber risks on all their online channels, like web, mobile apps and the dark web.

EclecticIQ – A global provider and leading vendor of cyber threat intelligence technology solutions.

City of The Hague – Over the past years, The Hague has established itself as a cybersecurity hub, which is demonstrated by the presence of the Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre (EC3), NATO Communications and Information Agency, the Dutch Cyber Command and the National Cyber Security Centre, the Cyber Security Academy, and numerous prominent cybersecurity businesses.

iLabs Technologies B.V. – Offers the comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge necessary to help solve organizations’ most complex IoT issues.

Ministry of Justice and Security – In 2012, the Minister of Security and Justice opened the National Cyber Security Centre (“NCSC”). The NCSC aims to become the platform for cybersecurity cooperation in the Netherlands. Its focus areas are development and provision of expertise and advice, support and execution of incident response and enhancement of crisis management.

NN Group – An insurance and asset management multinational that launched the Dutch Cyber Collective, an overarching Dutch association committed to effectively reducing cybercrime for Dutch small- and medium-sized enterprises.

Philips International B.V. – Philips is a leading health technology company. Its security technologies department focuses on creating technical solutions to secure systems against implementation attacks and to migrate to post quantum cryptography solutions.

Secura B.V. – An independent, specialized security expert that provides testing, training and certification services.

SecurityMatters B.V. – SecurityMatters provides critical infrastructure and industrial automation companies with best-of-class industrial cyber resilience technology that enables quick identification and recovery from threats to operational continuity.

Tesorion – Tesorion (formerly known as Novaccent) is a European managed security service provider whose portfolio consists of various services and products including; proactive monitoring and management services, penetration tests, vulnerability scans, and network traffic sensors.

Universiteit Leiden – Institute of Security and Global Affairs – The ISGA focuses on multidisciplinary research and education within the international scientific field of security studies.


Monday, April 16

  • Pitch training
  • Benelux seminar on cybersecurity

Tuesday, April 17

  • RSA opening
  • Visit to UC Berkeley

Wednesday, April 18

  • EIT Digital event
  • RSA conference
  • Network reception at the Consulate General of the Netherlands

Thursday, April 19

  • RSA conference

Friday, April 20

  • Critical infrastructure session
  • Visit to Cisco