From urban farming to a 100 percent sustainable neighborhoods and 3D-printed floors. The Netherlands is a leader when it comes to developing the circular city of the future. This virtual fact-finding mission connects Dutch companies in circular urban development to potential partners on the US West Coast.

The Netherlands and the United States are both ambitious when it comes to reaching the goals spelled out in the Paris Climate Agreement. Developing a circular economy is key in reaching these goals. As construction and urban planning contribute heavily to CO2 emissions, creating a circular city will have a major impact.

In 2020, the Netherlands launched a public private partnership aimed at circular urban development in the US:

Virtual Mission

From April 13-15, the Consulate General of the Netherlands in San Francisco will organize a fact-finding mission on circularity in the built environment. This fact-finding is part of a public-private partnership consisting of 15 Dutch companies active in the field of circular and sustainable urban development.

The mission coincides with the WCEF+Climate conference on circular economy, hosted by the Netherlands and Finland.

Throughout the week, participants will connect with experts and potential partners in California and Arizona, sharing expertise on sustainable and circular urban development. The goal of the mission is to:

  1. (Re)connect and collaborate with existing and new partners in California and Arizona
  2. Create, develop, and sharpen the ideas and concepts for a “circular city of the future”
  3. Identify, select, and define pilot projects to implement circular, sustainable innovations and concepts


High Level Opening Session, Tuesday, April 13, 17.45 CET / 8.45 PT

  • With Netherlands Minister for the Environment Stientje van Veldhoven, California Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis, Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego and James Ehrlich of Stanford University and ReGen Village
  • Follow the livestream here.

Roundtable Phoenix,  Thursday, April 15, 18.00 CET / 9.00 PT

Roundtable San Diego, date TBD

If you have any questions about the program, please email

Dutch participants

  1. Space&Matter(urban & strategic design)
  2. DeSah (waste water technology)
  3. GrowX(food and vertical farming)
  4. Hydraloop(decentralized water recycling technology for homes and buildings)
  5. Madaster(material passports)
  6. Metabolic(material flows)
  7. Metropolder(rainwater reuse)
  8. Spectral(energy)
  9. Waternet(water)
  10. TNO(largest R&D and innovation institute in The Netherlands)
  11. Superuse Studios(renewable materials)
  12. Leadax(circular waterproofing)
  13. Aectual(High-end large 3d printing for exteriors and interiors)
  14. Hitec Road(road materials)
  15. Holland Circular Hotspot/ Green Wave (overall coordination)

About circular economy

Core elements of circularity are embedded within each key urban system; from water, to housing and infrastructure, to food and nutrition. Much like in a circular economy, in a circular city, resources are kept at their highest potential for as long as possible, through sharing, reusing, repairing, remanufacturing and recycling. The Netherlands wants to work with partners worldwide in making a circular economy reality.

Read more about the Dutch approach to the circular economy.