The objective of Holland in the Valley is to tap into the tech developments taking place in Silicon Valley to strengthen ties between the Netherlands and the Bay Area at multiple levels. The program will facilitate collaboration between leading Bay Area Dutch companies and outstanding Dutch students, the Silicon Valley ecosystem, and California.

Please find the Holland in the Valley Mission Statement here.

You can find the Holland in the Valley Network Chart here.

Holland in the Valley creates value by building on and expanding a network of established Dutch nationals in California and strengthening that circle through round tables, networking events, and topical sessions. In addition, we seek to link this network to the existing corporate and university system and the budding startup community in the Netherlands.

The consulate plays a leading role within Holland in the Valley, supported by its board of trustees. The consulate curates events on behalf of the network, and offers its venue space in San Francisco’s Financial District as event space. Holland in the Valley events are made possible through annual donations by corporate and academic partners.

Internships in the Valley

Holland in the Valley’s Talent Committee introduces the brightest Dutch students to Bay Area companies, from big corporations to startups. Dubbed Internships in the Valley, it forms an integral part of Holland in the Valley. The program is executes under auspices of the Association of Universities in the Netherlands, and is largely administered by VU (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam).

Internships in the Valley aims to secure a healthy future talent pipeline, with 20 percent of Holland in the Valley partners’ annual contributions allocated to this initiative.

Holland in the Valley represents the Dutch triple-helix structure where government, the private sector, and academia come together to boost results in entrepreneurship, innovation, and applied science. This model of cooperation has made us the second most innovative country in the world.

The Netherlands is well under way to providing 1 million jobs in the US, and it is the most competitive economy in the EU. Moreover, we have the best digital infrastructure in the world, favorable business climate, highly trained workforce, and a strategic position in Europe. Not surprisingly, we are home to a strong tech community, growing quickly toward leadership in Europe. To prove our pedigree, the Netherlands is the birthplace of great technology companies, such as ASML, Philips, NXP, and

Future proof

As Silicon Valley has a lot to offer to the Netherlands, the Netherlands has a lot to offer in return. By providing an entrepreneurial and talent-driven foundation to US-Netherlands ties, Holland in the Valley can make these ties future proof. Through the program, Dutch businesses, the Dutch community in the Bay Area, our Dutch and US corporate partners, and curated excelling students will be able to establish a collective presence in Silicon Valley.

Partners are encouraged to engage with Holland in the Valley’s diverse networks. Holland in the Valley’s Entrepreneurship Committee focuses on soft landing and investments in this regard. As a collective, we will be better positioned to enlarge our footprint in the tech capital of the world, with a continuous focus on adding value to the Dutch ecosystem.

Dutch trade and investment supports 78,000 California jobs, so clearly there is room for growth on both sides of the ocean.

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