First of all, we hope you are doing well during the coronavirus pandemic. We are saddened that we can’t open our doors this month for the usual EU Open House, but we are gladly participating in this online showcase of European cultural experiences: HomeWithEU.

This online exhibition is part of our “75 Years of Freedom” campaign. This year we commemorate the end of World War II, and express our gratitude to our liberators, including the United States, and celebrate our freedom.

Under the current circumstances, this reflection on freedom has a special meaning and relevance. Many people worldwide, including Dutch and American people who did not experience the war, are thrown upon themselves as never before. Veterans and others who experienced the war are particularly vulnerable.

The online exhibition “From the People of the Netherlands to the People of the United States” is about the history of the Netherlands Carillon. The Dutch people gave this 127-foot-tall bell tower, which overlooks the National Mall from across the Potomac River, to the people of the United States in the 1950s as a gesture of gratitude for America’s contribution to the liberation of the Netherlands and for the Marshall Plan that helped rebuild the European economy. The monument symbolizes our gratitude and friendship – a sense of connection that remains relevant today.


Latest developments

Learn about the three new bells of the carillon that were recently cast in the Netherlands. The bells are dedicated to Secretary George C. Marshall, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and humanitarian Eleanor Roosevelt.