StartupDelta is the Dutch team of dedicated people who have excellent connections to all aspects of the startup community: enterprise, government, and research. They tackle challenges that hinder growth for startups. StartupDelta, led by Special Envoy Neelie Kroes, closely collaborates with the dozen tech hubs that makes the Netherlands the largest startup ecosystem in Europe.

StartupDelta is where startups, investors, launching customers, governments and knowledge institutions work together to boost the startup ecosystem, and connect it to other international startup hubs. We believe that the Netherlands has everything in place.

The amount of capital in the Netherlands, among with potential angel and institutional investors, is staggering. The Dutch are actively putting this money to work. In fact, the Netherlands is already ranked in Europe’s top three for venture capital  investments.

Furthermore, StartupDelta ranks fourth in the EU and 19th in the Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking. StartupDelta is Europe’s third fastest-growing ecosystem, behind Berlin and London and ranks the fifth highest Growth Index of the global top 20. And these are just some of the great scores of the Dutch StartupDelta in the 2015 Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking published by Compass.