Oscar Warmerdam sees green skies in his future. Or at least, that’s the color the president of Sempergreen predicts his company can create by mixing American flair with Dutch ingenuity.

“If we produce products according to Dutch smart and ever-improving principles, and we combine this with American marketing and sales flair, green skies are the limit,” he says.

The color is ideal for Sempergreen because it grows green roofs for commercial buildings, feeding well into the Dutch tradition of green energy and sustainability.

Warmerdam describes Sempergreen , which sells under the brand Sempergreen, as an innovative company that uses Dutch production methods, technologies and machinery in an emerging green-roof segment of the sustainability industry.

The company grows sedum blankets, or sheets of plants that store water in their leaves, and ships them throughout North America for the roofs of commercial buildings, including cutting-edge LEED-certified buildings and retro-fit construction. The goal is to reduce the amount of storm water that municipalities have to manage.

America is a great market in which to sell green roofs, Warmerdam says, because “sustainability is finally gaining momentum.”

Warmerdam loves his work, particularly for its mixture of creativity and art, exposure to the latest green technologies applied, and the application of sustainable principles that end in a product that softens the harsh edges of the building while creating a calm scene that people recognize as organic and gratifying.

“When a building is almost finished, it has a grey or black roof,” Warmerdam says. “But then our trucks and cranes arrive, a crew moves atop the roof, and the next day that same building has a glorious green roof covered with vegetation that completes the design.

“It’s the icing on the cake, the finishing touch. It completes the work of art.”