The biggest success for engineering company Seatools is going under. Under water, that is.

The Dutch engineering company develops tailor-made solutions for problems below sea level, such as a system to place segments of an underwater tunnel with the highest accuracy. “Our products are not in a catalog. They don’t exist before we make them,” said CEO Jan Frumau.

His company, working out of Texas, blossomed on experience gained from building the Dutch Deltaworks, the waterworks that protect large parts of the Netherlands against flooding. In the USA, Seatools mainly works with offshore and dredging companies. Its popular heavy-duty sensors can read to the millimeter how deep dredgers are digging in the sea bottom, saving them time and money. They also built the Metropolitan Water District in Southern California its very own diver operated dredging tool, which helps to clean water basins and provides cleaner drinking water for 17 million customers.

Frumau is looking at possibilities for production facilities in America for Seatools’ advanced remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) for rock dumping. Such ROVs are typically used to provide a protective cover for pipelines in deep water.

“Rock-dumping is very precise work, but you have to wait for the dust to clear before you can see if you did it right; usually, you have to return for the inspection, which roughly doubles the duration of the work,” Frumau said. “A rock dump ROV with an integrated survey ROV can inspect the result in the same run as the dumping process.”

Frumau said the robust design of this dual ROV illustrates the core of his company perfectly. “Our clients work with multimillion dollar budgets, so if a project stalls, it can cost a fortune. That is why we provide tailor-made solutions and make sure they are extremely reliable.”