Saline agriculture, the ability to produce crops with brackish water and in high-salinity soils, is an adaptation measure made ever more urgent due to changing climatic conditions, particularly for farmers who deal with these unfavorable growing environments.

saline agricultureAdaptation to high-salinity settings requires urgent shifts toward alternative crops as well as practices.

This webinar, “Challenges & Opportunities of Saline Agriculture,” organized in partnership with University of California’s World Food Center and Wageningen University and Research, will feature academics and practitioners in both locations discussing their experience and research related to the topic.

The webinar will feature an case-study overview by Arjen de Vos of SaltFarm Texel (the Netherlands), a producer of crop varieties with increased salinity tolerance, as well as a perspective from Don Cameron, Terranova Ranch, a diversified farming operation in the Central Valley.

Lodewijk Stuyt of Wageningen UR and Steve Grattan from UC Davis will provide a broader context for the discussion.

The webinar will take place from 12-2 p.m. (EDT) July 7. Register here to participate.