Dutch marines and local civilians in the Afghan city of Kakarak. Photo (c) Ministerie van Defensie | Netherlands Ministry of Defense

Around the globe, the Netherlands and the United States work together to make the world safer and more secure. In 2018, the Kingdom of the Netherlands will have a seat in the UN Security Council. The protection of civilians during war and other conflicts will be a major priority for the Kingdom of the Netherlands. “We want to work for a Security Council that does what the name says: Provide for security and protection of civilians, anywhere in the World”, said Minister of Foreign Affairs Zijlstra and Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Kaag in a joint letter that outlined the priorities for the Netherlands in the Security Council.

NATO and Protection of Civilians

Together with the Stimson Center, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands hosted a roundtable and panel discussion between NATO allies, partners and think tanks in Washington DC. Central theme of the day was to discuss the Protection of Civilians within NATO mission planning. Participants recognized that NATO has taken important steps in protecting civilians since its summit in Warsaw 2016. They further agreed that protecting civilians should be at the core in the planning for new missions in the future.

More information about the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the Security Council can be found here: https://www.permanentrepresentations.nl/permanent-representations/pr-un-new-york