Online voters have chosen “Philly Belle” as the name for a new variety of tulip the Royal Netherlands Embassy gave as a special gesture of appreciation to the City of Philadelphia during the March 10 Preview Gala for the 2017 Philadelphia Flower Show.

The embassy conducted a poll on its website,, inviting people to vote for their favorite name of three possibilities: Philly Belle, Philly Love and Pretty Philly. More than half of the votes cast since the poll opened on March 1 were for Philly Belle.

“It’s fitting people chose Philly Belle because it embodies both the tulip and the City of Philadelphia,” said Consul General Dolph Hogewoning of the Netherlands’ Consulate General in New York. “One cannot think of Philadelphia without also thinking of the Liberty Bell, and this new variety of tulip is beautiful.”

The International Cultivar Registration Authority for Tulip Names and the Royal General Dutch Bulb Growers’ Association will ensure that “Philly Belle” is listed permanently in the International Register of Tulip Names so no other tulip can carry this name.

The tulip is a result of a 19-year breeding process by Remarkable Tulips, a breeding company in Lisse, a small town just southwest of Amsterdam. Its pedals are crimson red and have fringed edges that capture sunlight.

The tulip is the Netherlands’ way of thanking the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society for choosing “Holland: Flowering the World” as the theme of this year’s Flower Show. The show will explore the innovation that has defined the Netherlands’ approach of using its unique landscape, from windmills — one of the earliest uses of natural energy — to the modern Ecodome, which showcases the beauty of the Dutch landscape and the innovative achievements of the Dutch designers in the field of sustainability. The show runs March 11-19.

Flowers and floricultural products are a major source of trade for the Netherlands.

The Netherlands has a 44% share of the worldwide trade in floricultural products, making the small Northern European nation the dominant global supplier of flowers and flower products. The Netherlands is also the source of 77% of all flower bulbs traded worldwide, the majority of which are tulips.

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