Innovation often takes the shape of technological advances, but it can also come in the form of new applications for old ideas.

That’s the idea behind a partnership between Philips, Cofely, and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol for new lighting in terminal buildings.

The light-as-a-service partnership means that Schiphol pays for the light it uses, while Philips remains the owner of all fixtures and installations. Philips and Cofely are jointly responsible for the performance and durability of the system, and ultimately its re-use and recycling at end of life.

By using energy-efficient LED lamps, Schiphol will see a 50% reduction in electricity consumption compared to conventional lighting systems.

In association with architects Kossmann.dejong and Philips Design, lighting fixtures were developed for Amsterdam Airport Schiphol that will last 75 percent longer than other conventional fixtures because the design improved serviceability of the fixtures and therefore extended their lifetime.

In addition, the fixture components can be individually replaced, thus reducing maintenance costs as well as raw material consumption.