The Internships in the Valley platform enables you to find internships with tech companies in the Bay Area and experience the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Silicon Valley.

How do I qualify for the platform?

If you’re (almost) a master’s student studying at a Dutch university or university of applied sciences and you have a GPA of >7.5 of your studies in a technical field.

How long does the process take?

On average it will take about three months to put everything in order after you find a host company. The overall duration depends on several factors, the most important ones being your responsiveness as well as communication with your host company. Please feel free to contact us for additional questions and advice for your specific situation.

What will be the duration of the internship?

This depends on the internship listing, but internships on a J-1 visa typically last three to 12 months. 

What kind of visa do I need to be an intern in the US?

You will need to obtain a J-1 visa, which takes up to two months including administrative review time. Plan accordingly!

How much will I earn as an intern?

We advise companies to offer paid internships and to accommodate the costs of living in the Bay Area. However, your monthly compensation differs per company.

Do you charge a fee for the program?

No, the Internships in the Valley platform is a nonprofit initiative set up by the Consulate General of the Netherlands to connect US companies with Dutch talent.

Are there any scholarships or support programs available?

Yes, please see the following links for information about available programs.

Any tips on how to write my application?

Yes, you will want to reformat your resume (CV) to ensure it includes keywords relevant to the internship for which you are applying. Many companies use software programs to sift through resumes before they reach the second round and in the hands of a person. So your resume is crucial, more so than your cover (motivation) letter, which at times isn’t even read. To view some examples, check here and here. Have more questions? Email us at

How do I enroll?

Contact us through LinkedIn, email or call us at (+1) 415-291-2033