Hire your next outstanding junior engineer, designer or data scientist through the Internship in the Valley platform. Submit your job descriptions, and we connect you with a short list of qualified Dutch students. During the hiring process, the platform is here to connect you and the student with the right institutions for a smooth ride.

What is the background of the students?

Students in our database come from different backgrounds and experience levels. The short list you will receive is based on the skills and background listed in your internship profiles. All of them are (master) students in the last phase of their studies and recommended by professors and advisers.

How does my company qualify for the platform?

You can join our platform if your company has been in business in the US for at least four years and employs at least 10 people.

How long can the student work for our company?

Internships are carried out on a J-1 visa, so they can last three to 12 months. After a successful internship, there are several visa routes (L1-A/B or H1-B) to hire the student as part of your US team. We can advise you and put you in touch with the right organizations.

How much do we need to pay the intern?

We advise companies to pay interns to ensure a successful internship, taking into consideration visa costs, travel and living expenses.

Do you charge a fee for the program?

No, the Internships in the Valley platform is a nonprofit initiative set up by the Consulate General of the Netherlands to connect US companies with Dutch talent. 

How do we enroll?

Contact us through LinkedIn, email or call us at (+1) 415-291-2033