EU Ministers of Agriculture arrive at the Ecodome in Amsterdam on May 31, 2016, for an informal meeting. Photo: Dutch Government/Martijn Beekman.

Together with the top sectors of the Dutch economy, the Ministry of Economic Affairs is taking the lead in telling the story of Dutch sustainability through the Ecodome.

Designed by Nico Wissing, founder and owner of Greenm2 and NL Green Label, the Ecodome is a collection of ideas built up around the calling card of the Netherlands’ green sector.

The dome brings together a variety of new materials and combines several disciplines in a process known as “sustainism.” Not only is the design innovative, the program that revolves around the Ecodome is a remarkable showcase for the best of what the Netherlands has to offer in green, innovation and sustainability.

The interior of the Travelling Ecodome. Photo: Dutch Government/Martijn Beekman

Some of the features of the Ecodome include:

  • moss water storage
  • an insect “hotel”
  • bio-based furniture
  • living walls
  • fruit trees
  • climbing plants
  • herbs and edible plants

Origins of the Ecodome

Nico Wissing, an award-winning landscape architect and designer from the Netherlands, thought of the Ecodome more than a decade ago as a showcase of green Dutch technologies.

However, the opportunity to build it didn’t present itself until the Dutch government was making plans for its turn holding the presidency of the European Union, which lasted the first half of 2016.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs wanted a place where EU ministers and agriculture counselors could discuss the future of the Common Agricultural Policy, and the Ecodome fit the bill. Mr. Wissing and his team built the 320-square-meter dome in Amsterdam, and filled it with innovations inspired by nature.

The top panels, for example, were covered with moss that helped remove vehicle exhaust from the air. Below the podium, an active technology device was installed – the ultrafie dust reduction system – that captured 70 percent of all particulates with a diameter of 10 nano-meters or more, in open air. It can even achieve 99 percent purification in semi-enclosed settings.

Meanwhile, the red and blue LED technology generates the optimum growing light for cropping plants. As well as supplying this pink spectrum light, the LED technology delivers energy efficiency at a factor of 200 times greater than a traditional optimum growth light bulb.

Ecodome on the road

Mr. Wissing said the Ecodome will showcase similar innovations during the Philadelphia Flower Show March 11-19, the first time the Ecdome will travel outside the Netherlands.

The Ecodome will break down into 100 or so pieces, packed into two or three shipping containers, and shipped to the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

Mr. Wissing and his team will then guide its assembly at the entrance of the exhibit hall, where it will serve as a centerpiece of Dutch green innovations.

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