The Netherlands is sending a 40-member delegation of Dutch experts in smart cities and sustainable urban planning to the Smart Cities NYC ‘17: Powered by People conference and expo in New York May 3-6.

The first of its kind in North America, the conference highlights the growing movement for urban and civic innovation around the world. Hosted at the Brooklyn Navy Yard–a powerful example of the possibilities for reimagined urban space–Smart Cities NYC ‘17 creates an unprecedented opportunity for interaction, innovation, and imagination.

This four-day event gives industry leaders, technology pioneers, city officials, and policymakers from around the world a platform to present innovative solutions to urban challenges. Smart Cities NYC ’17 will emphasize growth, sustainability, resilience, and equity by exploring key issues at the intersection of technology, infrastructure, and inclusion. 

The Dutch are leaders and innovators in these areas, and know all about facing the challenges of flooding and managing a lot of activity in a small country.

Whether it’s climate change, rising water, population growth, urbanization, or transportation issues, the Netherlands is on the cutting edge of finding solutions that make our cities smarter.

The Netherlands is a living lab for smart and green mobility solutions. We have an ecosystem of world-class suppliers, knowledge institutes and service providers. We specialize in sustainable energy solutions.

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