If salt is in the air, you are likely to find a Blygold partner nearby. The world’s biggest coating company extends the lifespan of HVAC equipment, making it more sustainable and cleaner. Blygold’s service is especially appreciated in coastal areas like Florida, says General Manager Wouter Hofmeijer. “Salty air makes the coils of air conditioners corrode faster. Rust leads to more energy use and a shorter lifespan. It also allows bacteria to grow, making the air the equipment blows out less healthy to breathe. We spray a coating on air conditioners to prevent rust, saving hospitals and schools a lot of money,” he says.

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In recent years, Blygold has made sure that Miami Dolphins fans keep their cool in Sun Life Stadium and coated 12,000 air conditioners in four months’ time for the Palm Island in Dubai. The Dutch company also provides a renovation service for HVAC equipment needing some TLC. “You would be shocked if you saw the state some cooling units are in. Sometimes we find them completely covered with rust. We clean them, coat them, update them and they are good to go for years. Our motto is: Why replace it if you can renovate it?” Blygold’s products are in high demand. “The USA is growing towards a culture that is more open to maintenance. American companies are looking for ways to keep their air conditioner units working longer and lowering their energy bills. We offer them a ready-made solution.”

Blygold, with offices in 46 countries, is looking to expand in the USA. “The Chicago area is high on our list. But we are looking for partners across the USA.”